This was the first year that Hell Blues Festival was arranged. It was only one day, but it did feel like an festival, so thats what we called it...

Festival staff 1992:
Halvard Andresen
Jan Erik Berdal
Kjell Inge Brovoll
Ann Elisabeth Sønstelien
Knut Morten Johansen (Joss)

775 tickets were sold
Entrance Nkr.120,-

Artist fees  Nkr. 31.200,-
Tech cost   Nkr. 9.300,-
Sponsors   Nkr. 6.000,-

The result Nkr. 49.136,-  was shared 50/50 with the hotel. Everyone was pleased!

There were made only eleven red t-shirts to the staff. That was it...

Flowers to the "Culture minister" Nkr. 157,-
"Var det nødvendig da?"

Joss: "Vi kalte det litt frimodig festival selv om det bare var én kveld"