Hellblues(dot)com used to be the original website of the Hell Blues organization. The website is managed by a few blues enthusiasts, that are dedicated to the Hell Blues festivals and all of their history. There are no commercial organization involved. Everything posted here has been posted as an noprofit education service, in the name of promoting the history of Hell Blues and all those that has had a good time there. If You like to participate in the work that are done to keep this website informative, up and running, please feel free to take contact at contribute(a)hellblues.com

This site only wants to promote the history of the old festivals and those that have played there. We try to keep this website as clean and legal as possible. However that can be hard job today with all the material that can be found around on the internet. Most of the material that has been used here has been found on other websites, where it has not in any way been marked as copyrighted. However, If You find copyrighted material here, that You own and want to be removed, please contact us at the same email adresse as above, and we will look it up and remove it. If you find copyrighted material, that You think can still stay on this site if we mark it as copyrighted to You, please also contact us, and we will do that. All in the good name of the blues.